"David’s photographs expressed all the magic in one of our dance concerts. The excitement and anticipation of performance, the sense of colour and movement, and the feeling of mentorship between our senior and junior students; it was all there. The images we received faithfully represented our school, the quality of performance we strive for and the joy of dance that we hope to impart to our audience. His skills uniquely captured not only technical points, but also emotional and artistic moments. We highly recommend him for any performing arts photography".


"David Xiberras is a photo-artist who portrays the soul. He understands and perfectly captures what he beholds. Indeed, even before clicking, he is already perceiving and seeing.

In his works there is movement, life and he tells a story. You don't always get excited from seeing a photo, but he manages to make you do so."


David es un Artista fotógrafo que retrata el alma. Entiende y capta perfectamente lo que está en su punto de mira... Incluso antes de hacer click ya lo está percibiendo y lo ve.
En sus obras se ve movimiento, vida, te cuenta una historia. Es difícil emocionarte tan sólo con ver una imagen, pero el lo consigue.

"David is an artist with an extraordinary sensibility. As a dancer, by looking at his images I perceive an uncanny intuition for climax, usually loaded with deep meaning within a dance piece. His use of light and composition always brings the idea of a story teller. Constantly slipping between the most sublimes and savage moments of human nature, he seams to be creating poetry through images. I love his work.


Michelle Hofmann


Turning Point Dance

Adelaide, Australia

Manuel Betanzos


Academia de Flamenco

Sevilla, Spain

Chachy Peñalver

Flamenco Dancer


The Sydney Flamenco Studio


Photographer David Xiberras of Luminar Photography, brings an exquisite eye to his images. He has shot some artistic and stunning images of my shows that have a particular magic to them. He seems to anticipate what the dancer is doing, and has a profound instinct for knowing when to take the shot. His knowledge of art and photography inform his framing and composition decisions. David is a stand out photographer of not only dance, but life in general. He really is a special artist and photographer - in a wide variety of mediums.

Zoe Velez - Creative Director, Producer and Cantaora - Flamenkisimo Sydney.